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Ireland      /      Poland + Baltic States and St. Petersburg      /      Italy


Customized Small Group Travel

Heather’s Incomparable Journeys was created from the desire to provide the comfort of traveling with others without the fuss of a big bus, large groups and simply the lack of time to really experience local treasures.  Heather’s Journeys are small groups hand crafted with emphasis on what we all enjoy the most: culture, history, architecture, scenery and unique experiences.   Our mandate is to provide superior value with everything essential included at a relaxed pace with time for independent exploration.  The most rewarding things are often those we stumble upon and the friendships formed travelling together with a small group.


Emerald Isle Discovery (Ireland)

April 29 - May 16, 2020

CAD $ 7,499.00 per person *

Travel the slow roads to charming tidy towns, music-filled pubs, ancient tombs and castles. 

We take time to enjoy leisurely walks, gourmet food and welcoming country hotels. 

You won't find another itinerary like it!

Treasures of Poland 

plus Baltic States and St. Petersburg

August 25 - September 17, 2020

CAD $ (tba) per person *

Absorb the history, culture and countryside as we explore major cities and Tatras Mountains in Poland,

the capitals of Baltic States and St. Petersburg, the Imperial Capital of Russia.

Italy, North to South

October 12 - 31, 2020

CAD $ (tba) per person *

Explore the splendour of Lake Como, undiscovered Umbria, amazing Amalfi Coast, hilltowns of Calabria,

plus Milan, Florence and Rome.

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